SULCA’s version 5 is new and the latest version developed at VTT. SULCA 5.0 has the highly visual and easy-to-use features for which the previous versions are well known, along with a new and improved user interface that helps the user to perform reliable and easily understandable LCAs and its’ applications. In addition, a lot of new user friendly possibilities to make evaluation and calculation efficient and clear. Special features of SULCA 5.0 include the following:

  • Multiple-level flow sheets (agglomerated or non-agglomerated)
  • Database compatibility with
    • Ecoinvent v2 and v3,
    • ELCD,
    • Comperhensive Excel Import and Export support.
    • and other databases via the Simantics platform
  • A flexible equation editor
  • User interface that is
    • fast and flexible,
    • highly visual and easy-to-use
    • efficient for modelling and evaluation
  • Enhanced connectivity and data transfer with simulation and design software’s in version 5. Thus a new level of connectivity possibilities in the nowadays demand to use several software and databases together!

Example of SULCA 5.0 Program view ( can be organized by user's preferences)

Sulca software distribution, maintenance and further development is managed by Simantics division of THTH asssociation. There is an annual maintenance fee required in order to use the software. Annual maintenance fee for a single installation is 1500€. Annual fee for unlimited number of installations (including also source code access) is 5000€. With this fee you will also receive a membership in the Simantics Division and possibility to direct further development of Sulca software.

Detailed information about Sulca 5.0 releases are here:

Detailed information about Sulca 5.1 releases are here: