Sulca 5.1 releases

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Marko Luukkainen

Sulca 5.1 releases

Sulca 5.1.0 (18.6.2018)

  • New Solver
    • Improved multi-level flowsheet calculation: now child flowsheet balances are based on the main flowsheet results.
    • Transport process specific results
    • Notable performance increase
      • Commercial case, 269 unit processes (56 transports), 386825 variables.
      • Sulca 5.0.9, Initial calculation:  7min 51s, subsequent 7min 53s
      • Sulca 5.1, Initial 15.5s, subsequent 13.1s
  • Using Simantics 1.34.0
    • New database implementation
      • No longer dirty shutdown / database corruption warnings that we got with Simantics 1.18
      • Model import is faster
        • The same case as above: Sulca 5.0.9: 2min 32s, Sulca 5.1: 8.5 s
  • Updated report view
    • Split report mode keeps the labels column visible while inspecting impact assessment results
    • Improved report mode selection
      • Calculating category independent variable results
      • Showing just one type of report at time
  • New Variable database
    • Updated to EcoInvent 3.4
  • Updated manual to include features introduced since Sulca 5.0.1 release

Sulca 5.1.1 (25.9.2018)

  • FMU export support fixed
  • Report view fixes
    • Hiding a column no longer causes graphical corruption
    • Sorting the report will no longer reset the order of the columns
    • Changing the report mode resets the report tree expansion to default setting
      • Default setting can be changed from preferences
  • Adjusting number precision is now exposed in preference pages.
    • Number precision affects the report view and property tabs.
  • Removed duplicate UUIDs (Universal Unique Identifier) from included Variable database
    • Duplicate UUIDs caused copy-paste errors.
    • Excel variable import now warns about duplicate UUIDs
  • Simantics 1.35.0
    • HiDPI fixes: using high resolution displays with Windows display scaling could cause diagram context menu to appear in a wrong location.

Sulca 5.1.2 (4.10.2018)

  • Fixed Sulca 4 model import, which was broken in 5.1.1 release
Tue, 2022-02-01 12:53

Sulca 5.1 releases

Sulca 5.1.3 (23.11.2018)

  • EcoInvent 2 process import does not work for uncategorized variables and units
  • Import PEF impact assessment method in ILCD format
  • Fix UI errors caused by variables with unset reference quantities

Sulca 5.1.4 (18.1.2019)

  • Faster model removal (move to trash bin)
  • Parameter value changes are not automatically updated to process flows
    • This could lead to confusing situation, when parameters were showing old values, while calculation results used latest results.
  • Removed Save as 5.0 model support
    • Changes in Simantics platform forced us to remove the support.
  • Fixed Sankey diagram flow hiding

Sulca 5.1.5 (9.5.2019)

  • Error checking does not detect if junction is set to share/fixed without a value.
  • Exporting report to Excel file selects newer excel file format automatically (old Excel format has 65k lines limit)
  • User controllable connected flow filtering was giving confusing results
  • Alternative UI for configuring variables.
    • Added new buttons for configuring quantities, synonyms, and impact assessment factors of a variable.
  • Improved input validation
    • For example, typing same synonym twice is no longer allowed

Sulca 5.1.6 (6.6.2019)

  • Copy-paste allows pasting random objects directly into the model
    • Copied objects were not shown in the UI, but potentially increased model size (space consumed on DB and exported files)
  • Improved flowsheet copy-paste performance
  • Variables / Codes / Variable sums report excludes transport processes.
  • Transport selection combo shows “Not available” if model does not contain transport processes.

Sulca 5.1.7 (9.8.2019)

  • Junction equations are not copied
  •  Workaround for case, when multiple processes contains same internal ID (and cause copy-errors).
    • Now copy-paste utilizes also unit names, and prevents copying, if processes cannot be uniquely identified.

Sulca 5.1.8 (9.9.2019)

  • Fixed a memory leak
    • Sparse solver native memory is not released (this has existed in all Sulca 5 releases)
  • Variable sum reports cannot handle variables on different level of the same category hierarchy
    • When a process contains a variable that has a namesake at a higher level of the hierarchy that is not present in the process, report did not show up, or results were missing some flows.
  • Renamed categories are not reflected to the report

Sulca 5.1.9 (11.12.2019)

  • Fixed memory leak in sub-flowsheet calculation.
  • Switching impact assessment method did not clear previous calculation results properly.
  • Transports were not calculated correctly, if reference factor was not 1.0

Sulca 5.1.10 (6.4.2020)

  •  Prevent FMU export generating overlapping variable names.
  •  Performance improvement for ILCD import (reuse JAXB context).
  •  Fixed some error messages not showing up.
  •   Copying transport process configuration between flows now copies selected mass correctly.
    •    Concerns cases where there are many possible choises for transported mass.

Sulca 5.1.11 (30.10.2020)

  • New features
    • Shares can be calculated with actual values, not just absolute values (configurable).
    • Overriding impact assessment methods in processes are highlighted on a diagram an in a report.
    • Allow impact assessment category to have input and output factor for the same variable.
    • Attempt to improve modelling/UI performance
      • Explicit flow synchronization, instead of DB query based.
      • Can be enabled with -Dfi.vtt.sulca.useFlowSync=true launch parameter (Sulca.ini)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed report excel export, which had misaligned columns.
    • Small memory footprint reduction of calculation report (using FastUtils hashmap for collapsed nodes)
    • Excel unit process export could reuse configuration from previous import, which lead to import errors.
    • Removing impact assessment method and recalculating results lead to visual corruption in the report.
    • Fixed report search functionality.
    • Switching between two flowsheets with calculated results expanded the report after recalculation.
    • Removing bound variables from a hidden connection was supposed to remove the connection.
    • Copy pasting impact categories was not allowed.
    • Copy paste can now handle a case, where a transport is copied between models, and the transport is using factor that is not found in the target model.
    • Simple chart was not able to show impact assessment results.

Sulca 5.1.12 (16.2.2021)

  • Improvements
    • Updated variables list and CML and ReCiPe methods.
  • Bug fixes
    • Transport unit conversions do not work, if reference factor uses some other unit than kg (reference unit).
    • Unconfigured connection shows as connected (solid line style) when it has a transport.
    • Transport factor is not selected, if connected variables are selected after setting a transport.
    • Calculation with missing transport conversion factor was handled as an error. Now it is shown as a warning, which does not prevent producing calculation results.

Sulca 5.1.13 (11.3.2021)

  • Improvements
    • Show exceptions if solving fails.
    • Improved flowsheet solving error analysis logic.
  • Bug fixes
    • Impact assessment calculation may fail with index out of bounds exception.
    • Transport processes in child flowsheets are causing issues.

Sulca 5.1.14 (20.5.2021)

  • Performance improvements
    • Removed explicit internal exchange id and name properties to reduce memory consumption.
    • Revised exchange synchronization logic.
    •  Very slow performance in variable name mapping, when only name is used.
  • Other improvements
    • Improve ILCD import logging.
    • Linux support for FMI
    • Allow importing a Sulca model file with corrupted Module configuration.
  • Bug fixes
    • An empty "No Code" entry is left in the report tree structure.
    • Memory leaks in property tabs.
    • Flowsheet JSON export / import fixes.
    • Prevent duplicated items in ILCD import.

Sulca 5.1.15 (30.12.2021)

  • Performance improvements
    • Fixed revised exchange synchronization logic.
      • 5.1.14 implementation had a bug that prevented copying flowsheets
      • In case of problems, the old logic can be taken into use with -Dfi.vtt.sulca.useFlowSync=false launch parameter (Sulca.ini).
    • Fixed report table updated logic, that refreshed the table contents several times after calculation.
  • FMU improvements
    • Support sub modules and equation-based junctions.
    • Fixed unit conversions.
    • Ability to show primary and secondary codes.
  • Other improvements
    • Simple charts can indicate if the report is not in correct mode.
    • Unconfigured variables cannot be added to processes.
    • Secondary code color is taken account when selecting text color for a process.
    • JSON ecport/import supports sub modules.
    • Updated tutorial.
    • Added EcoInvent 3.8 compatible variables and impact assessment methods.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed various memory leaks in property tabs, charts, and in the editor.
    • In some rare cases, charts could show wrong values.
    • Drag and drop operations could show unnecessary “Cannot drop on dragged object" errors.
    • Fixed variable dialog layout.
    • Fixed junctions tab showing “*” instead of “=” for junction equations.

Sulca 5.1.16 (1.2.2022)

  • Locations
    • Locations are stored in their own library
    • Support for location specific impact factors
    • Note: Due to data model changes, models saved with this version cannot be opened with older Sulca versions.
  • Other improvements
    • ILCD import is able to fill missing data from Sulca DB.
    • ILCD import converts unit process metadata as a comment.
  • Bug fixes
    • Diagram element cut and paste could cause data corruption.
    • Transport flows were not synchronized with copy paste.
    • Replacing t*km transport process with cargo-based process left hidden distance factor in place, causing cargo transport results to be multiplied by the hidden distance factor.
    • Reporting transport related unit conversion problems failed to produce readable error description.
    • Fixed a minor memory leak in Solver model update.
  • Known issues
    • FMU does not support location specific impact factors.
      • Exporting a model with location specific impact factors as a FMU creates a FMU, which crashes on load.

Sulca 5.1.17 (7.11.2022)

  • Bug fixes
    • Support for EcoInvent 3.9 processes.
    • Chart system fixes.