BALAS - Conceptual Process Design

Process design and analysis is always based on the management of mass and energy balances. BALAS simulation tool is the most effective way to obtain information on the behaviour of an existing process and get a deeper understanding of the interactions in your process. Built-in link to MS Excel enables easy transfer and customised visualisation of simulation data.

KilnSimu – Rotary Kiln Simulator

KilnSimu is used in several industries. Though the technology of rotating drums has been available for over 100 years, it has not been replaced, but remains in active use in many of its traditional applications. The rotary drum provides an effi cient means for both heat and mass transfer in the processing of slurries and other condensed mixtures.

Simantics System Dynamics

System dynamics is a methodology for understanding the behaviour of complex dynamic systems belonging to different domains. Simantics System Dynamics is a free, open source system dynamics modelling and simulation software. The software has an intuitive and easy to use Eclipse based graphical user interface which allows you to configure the whole model structure graphically. In addition to supporting all the common system dynamics modelling operations, the software includes many advanced features, such as structural reusable components, multidimensional variables, and sensitivity analysis.