Sulca 5.0 releases

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#1 Fri, 2015-08-21 10:42
Marko Luukkainen

Sulca 5.0 releases

Sulca 5.0.1 16.4.2015

  • First official release


Sulca 5.0.2 20.5.2015

  • New Features
    • Sankey diagram
      • Visualizing flow amounts with line width
      • Three categorizations, variables, variable categories, and quantities
    • Importing flowsheets to existing models
    • Improved process dependency analysis for error reporting tool
    • Simantics 1.18
  • Bug fixes
    • Excel impact assessment import assumed that data is given in alphabetical order


Sulca 5.0.3 19.8.2015                                                                         

  • New Features
    • Sankey diagram improvements
      • categories can be visualised with the legend tool
      • category selection shows category colours
      • adjusting line with
    • Support for variable synonyms, CAS codes, and chemical formulas
    • Ability to edit impact assessment factors with variable editor
    • Importing geography location and time data for EcoInvent v3 processes.
  • Bug fixes
    • Verifying imported impact assessment methods
      • Sulca 4 impact assessment methods may contain duplicate factors that prevent flowsheet calculation. Improved calculation error message for such cases.
  • LCI data
    • Added Cumulative Energy Demand method
    • Added synonyms to variables sheet
    • Added m3*year and m2*year units for better EcoInvent v3 compatibility


Sulca 5.0.3 sp1 21.8.2015

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed flowsheet import to an existing model (a bug introduced in 5.0.3)


Sulca 5.0.4 22.9.2015

  • New features
    • Process export in EcoSpold v1&v2 format
    • Process export in Excel format supports equations
    • Importing multiple files at the same time
  • Bug fixes
    • Importing ILCD processes to an existing model fixed
    • Copy-pasting processes with junction equations broke the equations
  • LCI data
    • Added EcoInvent v3 compatible unit and variable (exchange) ids.


Sulca 5.0.5 9.11.2015

  • New features / Enhancements
    • Importing synonyms and CAS codes with ILCD / ELCD data
    • Flowsheet error detection code is more likely to locate erroneous junction
    • Prevent empty variable names
  • Bug fixes
    • Importing Excel files did not take account empty cells, and failed in some cases
    • Importing Sulca 4 flowsheets to an existing model failed, if the flowsheet contained code legend widget.


Sulca 5.0.6 16.3.2016

  • New features / Enhancements
    • Importing Impact assessment methods in SimaPro CSV format
    • Handling EcoInvent v3 processes with equations
    • Handling  EcoInvent v3 metric ton * km transport processes
  • Bug fixes
    • Several copy-paste fixes
      • Copying result data to Excel did not copy all column headers
      • Copying multiple processes lead to multiple copies of each process
      • Copying a flowsheet into another flowsheet did not work in the model browser
    • Exporting variable names to an Excel file could result out of memory exception


Sulca 5.0.7 7.4.2016

  • Bug fixes
    • Copying flowsheets and/or processes  changed process' flow factors in some cases
      • Concerns models created with Sulca 5.0.3 or before and with Excel variables
    • Replacing a process could result in an orphan transport process
    • Report view calculated impact assessment sum for “Codes with …” nodes


Sulca 5.0.8 20.6.2016

  • New features / Enhancements
    • Reduced Report view memory usage
    • Slight improvement for flowsheet calculation time
  • Bug fixes
    • Transport factor selections were not copied
    • Some SimaPro CSV Impact assessment files could not be imported
    • ELCD 3.2 import fixed
    • Missing functional unit value is reported correctly


Sulca 5.0.9 17.8.2016

  • Bug fixes
    • Improved EcoInvent v3 process import for processes with equations
      • We recommend that users re-import EI3 processes that use equations
    • Included CML abiotic depletion factors were set to calculate for output values, when they should be calculated for inputs