Sulca 5.2 releases

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#1 Wed, 2023-05-03 16:08

Sulca 5.2 releases

Sulca 5.2.0 (3.5.2023)

  • New features
    • Calculation report comparison mode - compare two or more results.
    • Uncertainty analysis - Monte Carlo estimation of model uncertainties.
    • Flow properties - EcoInvent compatible flow properties.
  • Improvements
    • Rewritten solver logic, reduced memory consumption.
    • Database optimizations.
      • Executing copy paste operations takes about half the time when compared to 5.1.17.
      • Reduced disk space consumption.
  • Others
    • EcoInvent 3.9.1 compatibility
    • Various bug fixes.

Sulca 5.2.1 (14.6.2023)

  • Data import fixes (with naming conversion)
    • Using variable mapping Excel in data import did not work.
    • Flow property equations could be omitted during import
    • Flow property equation references to other flow properties were broken in inport
  • Fixes for Sulca 5 flowsheet import to an exisiting model
    • Combining exchanges in data import could cause duplicated exchanges
    • Referring to data quality systems / pedigree matrices did not work

Sulca 5.2.2 (28.6.2023)

  • Fixed regressions with cargo in/out type transport process calculations

Sulca 5.2.3 (15.8.2023)

  • Fixed sub-flowsheet calculation
  • Added support for multiple transport with different transport variables in the same connection
  • Process replace no longer deletes junction connections
  • Process replace no longer publishes connected exchanges to flowsheet level
  • Process replace shows process locations in the process selection dialog

Sulca 5.2.4 (16.10.2023)

  • Support for EcoInvent spold.gz files
  • Fixed uncertainty calculation calculating wrong uncertainties on some cases.
  • Fixed uncertainty chart unintentionally grouping variables with the same name but different category.