SULCA - Training for end users

Training on the use of the SULCA software is available from the supplier. Training of SULCA software can be one day or more, and can be ordered along the purchase of the licences of SULCA or separately.  The training is provided by VTT LCA expert and it can take place either at Customer’s  place or at VTT . The content (e.g.  SULCA basics, example cases and/or customer’s cases), place and time should be agreed together in more detail. 

SULCA - Consulting services

To gain further benefit around the use of SULCA there are various kind of services and expertise available. 

Why ?

To achieve most beneficial use of SULCA and services supported by it, a multidesign approach can be applied (figure below). We provide comprehensive sustainability assessment services with over 20 years of experience, and offer our customers information on their environmental impacts and overall environmental performance. Our expertise is in finding optimisation potentials of new products, industrial processes and technologies. We cover environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.