Apros installation instructions

Step 1:

You may access your personal licenses from Licenses tab or from My Account (top right) / My Licenses.

Licenses available to you are listed on the first table. Licenses you personally use are listed in the 'Assigned license' table and your devices are listed in the 'Devices' table.

Step 2:

To get installation files for the application that you want to install, click files:

Apros installation requires setting up LicenseManager, before the actual appplication is installed. Download LicenseManagementSetup.exe and install it.

Step 3:

When installation is finished, locate LicenseManager and run it:
Open Help / About dialog and copy machine id (three numbers):

Step 4:

Create a new device using 'Add device' at the bottom of the 'Devices' table in Own Licenses' view:
Use the machine id from the LicenseManager, and give the device a meaningful name so that you can identify it later.
Save the device and the site shows the new device in 'Own licenses' view.

Step 5:

Use assign license action either from Apros license (a), or the new device (b):

  • Your user group administrator may deny free license assigment; use 'Request license' action to send license request to the administrator. He/she will do the license assigment for your device.
Step 5a:
If you started with the license, select the createddevice: 
Step 5b:
If you started with the device, select an Apros license:
Proceeed pressing 'Assign license' button.

Step 6:

Use the 'Get license file' to download the license file.

Step 7:

Use LicenseManager's Edit/Load to install the license file. When license is installed you should see the applications LicenseManager:

Step 8:

After this you are able to  download Apros application setup file and install it (go to Files page)