FinPSA - tool for professional living PSA

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FinPSA Demo installation and registration

Step 1. Login to simulation store or create a new account
  1. Select “LOG IN”
  2. If you already have an account give your username and password and press “Log In” and go directly to "Step 2. Download FinPSA demo version", else select “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”
  3. Fill the required account information (fields marked with * are mandatory) and press “Create new account”.
Step 2. Download FinPSA demo version
  1. Select “LICENSES”
  2. Go to “Demos” page and select “Get demo license”
  3. Read and accept FinPSA demo license terms
  4. Go to “OWN LICENSES” page and select FinPSA Demo
  5. Go to “FILES” page and download
Step 3. Installation and activation
  1. Unzip FinPSA to some folder location
  2. Start FinPSA by double-clicking FinPSA.exe
  3. Press Ok-button in FinPSA notice dialog
  4. Press Register-button in About FinPSA dialog
  5. Copy the number sequences (Machine ID) shown in the Host ID panel from Register dialog

Step 4: Activate license

  1. Create a new device using ‘Add device’ at the bottom of the ‘Devices’ table in Own Licenses view:
  2. Use the copied Machine ID, and give the device a meaningful name so that you can identify it later
  3.  Save the device and the site shows the new device in ‘Own Licenses’ view.
  4.  Use assign license action either from the new device (a) or FinPSA license (b):

    1. If you started with the device, select FinPSA demo license:
    2. If you started with the license, select the created device:
  5. Use the 'Get license file' to download the license file.
  6. Accept license terms and download the file.
Step 5: Activate FinPSA
  1. Open the downloaded license file
  2. Copy the string under into License key field in Register dialog.
  3. Press Register-button to start FinPSA use. Successful or failed registration feedback dialog is shown. In the failure case, check that license key has correctly been copied (without new line marks).
  4. Close Registration feedback dialog and then About FinPSA dialog by pressing OK button
  5. Create a new user account. User and company passwords are used for acccess rights to FinPSA models
  6. Set also company password.
  7. Start FinPSA use by logging in with the created user account.